Dedicated Guidances

Video Sessions + Email support + Material

This guidance has been crafted and perfected by me for the last years of working with several clients on a long term basis.

Every client receives a guidance that is catered to their own opening and that will unfold according to what is required of you.

  • Please select bellow the one you are interested in to see prices and available hours. I only conduct this work Wednesdays to Saturdays. If there is a time more suitable for you I am not listing below please contact me to discuss options.

  • This work will be done within a maximum period of 6 months - plus I will be available to support you via email to answer as many questions as you might have during the time of our guidance. I also support you with reading material and mindfulness techniques I have used myself.

  • After you pay for the sessions and book your first hour you will receive an email where you can book the following sessions from then on.

  • If you require a payment plan please contact me and we can discuss the best option.

This is a guidance that requires surrendering, commitment and the ability to push past comfort. You will not just sit there and observe me. The energy that I work with will require your movement and dedication.

I employ my knowledge of Tantric principles and my intuitive skills, my deep connection with source energy. You will be seen, you will be exposed.

My work is mostly catered to highly sensitive souls, to those feeling disconnected from the reality they have inherited, artists and creatives and to everyone seeking to open their creative flow.

I want to offer you what has been offered to me: to leave the comfort zone, the stagnation, the repetition of a routine suffocation your spark and become an embodied version of your Self.

The next step in our evolution requires that we drop the old script, that we release the past to make space for the new. It’s time you upgrade. It’s time you let go.

This is what I will be able to assist you with and that we will work on during these sessions:

  • Loss, grief and Surrender: Letting death open a new life for you

  • Uncovering your sexual / creative energy

  • Working with innate drive and how to channel it

  • Recovering joy and excitement - focusing on Inner Child work

  • Removings the masks: Radical self acceptance

  • Purpose and Mission: How to serve your community, how to use what you Love to create change

  • Remembering: you as part of the Natural World, you as part of the Cosmos

  • Honoring your Love language: building better relationships with other, finding your voice

Guidance & Sessions

Energy Agreement

When you enter into a session with me please understand the following:

  • I am not here to validate your views: if your speech goes against the love language of your body I will interrupt you immediately. I absolutely reserve the right to interrupt and to bring you back to your heart. I am not interested in enabling or coddling you. We are here to reconnect and find the new within you.

  • I will not participate in judgmental conversations and I will not provide advice for personal issues: I am here to provide another view, to open clarity and space of healing not to make decisions for you.

  • Understand that we are both in a space of transformation and this is not a friendship line. Why do I feel it is important to mention this? Because you are paying me to accomplish results, and not to have a chat and move on. If this is what you seek then I am not for you.

  • 30 minute sessions are enough for most clients since I don’t present fluff and will go right to the point. Others will be better served by one hour or more and for that I offer guidances where you really have to commit to showing up and transforming your life.

  • I am equal parts compassionate and demanding. Know this, you might not always like what I channel if you are still interested in distractions. I practice accountability in every part of my life.

  • I am not here to provide divination. If you are uncertain about the work of an Oracle, read my Medium articles, my ebooks and my About Me. If you still have doubts email me. If you still have doubts give it time. Do not request my services on impulse.

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Brief Introductory Session

Will be conducted via Skype or Google Hangouts.

This session is a brief introduction to my energy and recommended to those seeking to enter guidances or seek further clarity on a reading or how to work with me.


Energy Channeling Session

Will be conducted via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Channeled video session where I connect with your frequency and give you an assessment of where you stand in your path, guides and/or ancestors you are working with and how to navigate what is being asked of you, what challenges and lessons you need to focus on.