Spark of your Soul - Reading, Energy Work and Oracle

Spark of your Soul - Reading, Energy Work and Oracle


This reading is like no other, it's a purely channeled understanding of your energy and done in a completely intuitive way.

This reading is around 9 to 11 pages and I have split it into different parts that look into Shadow Work, Inner Child Retrieval, Relationships, Work, Community and Ritual. How these are approached depends on what is revealed as relevant to your path. I will not intercede with your guides/ ancestral energy but will instead lead you into this conversation. I will also lay out an energetic plan for the year and a brief Oracle Reading for two questions that you feel relevant for your path.

Please keep it simple, make sure you exercise your clarity too. I do not answer questions that spring from ego based patterns and trauma bonds - if you ask those you will always be redirected to your true essence.

My written assessment is delivered when the energy is ready to be read. This means you can receive it in 5 days or 15. I will be in contact with you during this experience.

During the time I am working with it you will need to rest and be more mindful of your energy.

You will be emailed with instructions to do your own energy work during this time.

Afterwards I recommend that you take some time to digest it.. The work done post receiving the reading is fundamental to allow you to fully grasp what is being asked of you. It’s an accelerant. It’s fuel for your burning.

This is a very powerful offering, one that I have perfected with the years I have been giving it.

Many clients return to book sessions after this work, it’s very important to understand that once you open this door there is more of you to explore. This is a true step into the unknown.

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