To be vulnerable is to allow our heart to stand naked. The fear of the ego is that this nakedness will allow others to damage you, to destroy you.

And that is both right and wrong.

It was in my most vulnerable moment that I was fatally wounded. And it was because of that wound that I understood the illusory nature of the self.

Only Love remained.

The moment I was vulnerable and that I submitted to Love fully, was a painful one for the false self. The ego that I had constructed and curated and tried so hard to attach myself to, was peeling away.

Was being dismembered in front of my eyes.

It was via this painful transformation that I located the true essence of my soul.

A core of Love.

A core is in constant flow and movement.

A serpent, music, waves, energy, light.

In vulnerability I allow the inner child — the heart — to live unshackled and free of concern.

You know from this place of trust that you cannot be harmed, you cannot suffer, you cannot lose your remembrance.

Once you open up to Love you accept to be in a permanent state of transformation.

Openness is the most vulnerable state and also the most powerful one.

You are in that moment ready to receive.

Vulnerability is letting yourself be seen of a place of authenticity. Where fear no longer hold your hostage.

It is what happens when you have shown yourself compassion and Love and you no longer believe that you are broken.

You are ready to shine in full beauty.

To embrace vulnerability is to display the purest strength from the heart.

Your bravery will inspire others.

But most importantly, it will transform you further. It will catapult you into a peaceful state of being, where no effort is required.

Sofia BarbosaComment