Channeling Tools: Opening To Spirit

Yes, you can receive your own downloads.

I am always amazed by how many people believe this to be some sort of untouchable gift. Like anything in this world, it is made to seem as it belongs only to an elite few.

Not the case.

Of course some people will more skilled. To some it will come more naturally and they will be able to channel for the collective, they can even channel entities, energies of every sort. They will hear clearly, not just feel.

For me it’s a knowing that I will remember as true, but because this knowing is so embodied my struggle has been to connect to and enter the body without running towards distractions or doubt.

While I do receive a lot of downloads as messages I hear clearly, most of them are purely embodied, felt, translated.

Everyone comes with their own mission, however, the messages that are YOURS are yours to receive and understand. It might take time and it might require trying what does not work first, but you will not fail unless you are absolutely uninterested in opening to receive.

Actually I feel deeply about getting people to connect with their guides, and it’s been a cornerstone of my work. You should not consult with any healers or channels if you are completely unaware of the energies that you are working with.

A guide like me should serve as confirmation, or be used when you can no longer continue the work on your own: even channels consult with other healers, mediums, oracles etc.

When I encounter those cases it can be challenging to explain that they are too focused on the others and are not listening to the life that is their own.

So I would like to share some techniques I normally expand on with clients, to help you reach some clarity regarding what is most obvious on your path.

Please note that the clearer you are the more you receive.

I will also give tips on that.


This work is nothing without those.

Whatever you do, whatever you choose as a method or methods of engaging with energy you need to set time to have a clear intention of what you seek to accomplish.

Write it down, record them, meditate with them.


“Assist me in achieving more clarity”

“I want to begin reconnecting with my body. Show me.”

“I want to uncover my passions, I ask for your guidance”

“I want to have more energy for the desires of my heart, I ask to be shown”

“I am not here to suffer. I seek assistance in that path”

As you see you never say that you are unable or that you cannot do or that you cannot see. You defy the energy into movement. “Show me, guide me, assist me, move me”

It’s an energetic mantra: “I am ready to move, I am ready to see, I am ready for more, I can be taken to another path, I am not stagnant, I am flowing. “


The good thing about meditation is how versatile it is and how it accomplishes both clearing of stagnant energies and connecting with your inner knowing.

Too bad it is also the most misunderstood.

You do not need to sit quiet in silence (but you can and if you love this method, continue) and trying to blank your mind to achieve deep meditative states or to clear you energetic field.

You can dance, you can clean, you can have healing sounds on.

You can be naked, you can touch yourself. You can be in nature, you can be swimming.

The main purpose is: release yourself to what you are doing. Let the mind go through the path it needs, and observe. If horrible, scary thoughts come to you let them be.

Also, if you prefer to sit down , using a dark room or use color changing lights it will increase your relation and allow you to be more receptive.

I have meditate with red light and it felt s powerful in days where I spend too much time with electronics.

What also frustrates a lot of people is that after the meditation they feel exhausted and tell me they didn’t “hear anything”.

This is very simple: you need rest after meditation, and you can be certain that what comes after this combination is what you are in need to hear.

So if you meditate in the morning, take a shower after, relax with some tea or fruit. If you do it in the evening then sleep after.

Record and write how you feel when you wake up or as you go to work, etc.

Get used to writing what comes, even if you are unsure it’s your mind giving you this information. With time and practice you will see the difference.

Channeled writing is automatic, and often you will forget all of it after you have written it.

Spiritual bath/ shower

All these can work with meditation included before or after.

Using a bath is advisable when you feel that you need to soak in something, that you need comfort, that you feel abraded.

A shower works better as release of toxic energies. Of tiredness, of stagnant. So the shower I feel, can be used better on its own that the bath.

I find it really difficult to go into a bath for releasing UNLESS and this is a big big unless, I am practicing a particular ritual.

For rituals baths are the shit, but for channeling I prefer a shower because it will reset me.

So in the shower practice intentions, ask to be shown and ask to be released. Touch your body with intention.

Again, so much of this work is intention.

Before sleep, sleep and dream states

The magic of Theta Waves:

“Theta waves are typically produced when we’re drowsy, lapsing into sleep, or in the earliest stages of sleeping. When our brain is in a theta state, it’s no longer engaged and attentive to outside stimuli or information. This implies a deeper state of rest than the idleness of alpha state; some researchers have also noted that, thanks to this relaxed outlook, people often report freer idea generation during theta states.”

So place yourself in a state of relaxation before sleep, and used controlled breathing exercises while you fall asleep.

This method will most likely require dedicated trial and error, because it needs more control of your ability to remain in between states with lucid awareness.

The same can be said of lucid dreaming. Set intentions before going to sleep.

Make your room a place without tv’s, phones, laptops.

Yes, this will affect your ability to remember dreams.

Set the alarm to 4/5 hours after you go sleep and keep doing this until you are able to wake up right at the pinnacle of the dream state - this means you will remember far more details.

In all of this I just want to say REST AND SLEEP.

It cannot be overstated. When you are transforming you are like a small little baby just awakening to the world. You are tired because you are opening to a new reality and you need proper nourishment and proper rest for those changes to be processed by the body with ease.

Your body is taking all the hits so be kind and stop this shame and guilt.

And rest is rest.

Don’t give yourself excuses that Netflix soothes you.

That crap is addictive, full of mind altering content that will disrupt your process, yes.

Synchronicities and symbols

I would say this is for those who have a strong connection to numbers and symbolism.

You will notice that even has as child numbers “spoke to you”.

After you have placed intentions give it time, continue to do your energy work with any clearing practice and observe what symbols or synchronicities seem to come often.

Those will be your guides.

Knowing to distinguish between encouragement and a reminder is the tricky part. This requires not just that you become a good translator of those symbols but that you open yourself to feeling in your body the message you are getting.

Give it time, if it is for you it will being to unfold confirmation after confirmation.


Any of these techniques benefit from clear spaces and embodiment.

There’s so so much to say about that, it would be impossible to leave it for one single article, but your connection to Earth must be active and not bypassed for you to receive clear messages and to feel them in your body.

To feel them is to register them on a very deep level, where it stops being theory and becomes a part of your routine.

I will share the ones I use and that find are the most accessible:


Can be done in various ways. If you have never fasted start with a tea/ fruit fasting and move up into water fasting and dry fasting.

Doing this as you start meditative practices, clearing old patterns, is so powerful I cannot describe how it changed my life.

Fasting helped me deal with toxic, stagnant energies in my former work place, it gave me the clarity to see what I was addicted to, and with meditation it allowed me to finally hear what I was in intense denial about.

Try it. Don’t say you can’t do it because that’s bs. Yes you can!

Core body movements/ stretching

You know those days where you don’t want to get out of bed and you feel really sad and lethargic and the more you stay in bed the worst it gets.

It’s really shitty to just tell you to get up and stretch or do some belly dance moves but that is exactly what you should do.

Work your CORE. I can’t say this enough times and women particularly need, just need to be in touch with their sacral energy.

Dance, sway, let the tears come.

Drink a warm tea afterwards and relax into receiving.

Water therapy

Pretty much the same as I said before in the shower/bath channeling. Showers will work better here to release the day, the energy burdening you - if you are in the process of cleaning your space.

Spiritual baths can open clarity as well, the most important step is that you enter ritual.

Prepare the bath with no rush, use candles, have scented oils or incense, use crystals and dried flowers with salts.

Have a clear intention of what you wish to release and /or connect with.

Drink plenty of water after and relax, sleep afterward.

Make sure you are ready for what you ask, that you understand it might feel very heavy on your body in the coming days.

Better to mind your diet during this ritual as well.

Being in undisturbed natural places/ relationships/ homes

Nature heals. There is nothing else I can add to it.

When you are in energetic rich spaces you will ultimately recharge and feel more connected to your body.

Walk in nature, sit with the elements. Put your feet in the earth, close your eyes and listen.

This is because most of our spaces are full of metallic noises and of energy of artificial products.

And you work in offices full of people. Or places where you have to feel products or services. That is extremely draining to most humans right now because they are not doing so from the heart, but out of need.

Returning to relationships and homes that are going to mimic the collective is exactly how you maintain a dead structure.

You need natural everything.

You need intimate conversations and touch.

You need homes where you have a relaxing mood, with plants, with warm teas, with no clutter.

You need spaces with no TV’s or Netflix. I keep saying this but if you are spending hours a day watching shows and discussing them with other people, or politics, or whatever it is.. Do not confuse being informed and understanding what is out there with being addicted to these people, to the high of feeling you are part of something, of a group of people that watched X, know of Y, partake in Z.

You belong to a very large community of living organic beings.

Leave the mind numbing habits behind, slowly, with intention and not out of shame or fear but because you know you will open space in your life for so much more! While you continue with old habits nothing new can find you.

That’s the choice you will make.

Sound therapy / Aromatherapy

I use aromatherapy very frequently, I am extremely sensitive to scents and they are perfect to create a new energetic imprint in your home.

Experiment with several oils and resins, see what fits you best.

I am very connected with minted scents, peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus. I also live by rose oil and lavender.

Sound therapy can be many things. Sometimes that will be silence and the sound of rain. Others it will be a Solfeggio or Jazz music.

When doing clearing of spaces/ energy I only use instrumental music. Or silence. Silence is a presence that must be invited into your practice, regardless of how you feel about it. Without silence there is no knowing. It’s not quiet and it’s not lack of anything, it is a presence of fulness with the being. You are so comfortable with yourself that distractions lose power. You are.

In that moment you will hear silence.

Also, some people swear by mediations with guided voices but I find that too distracting and ruins my connection.

My purpose is to allow my voice, my knowing.

If it works for you, brilliant, but for those starting with energy clearing and channeling I would advise against.

I always say: keep it simple. Add things as you go but first see how you adapt to the basics.

Cleaning and decluttering spaces

To have a stress free environment at home is a necessity.

You need to look at everything you own and consider, do I need this? Does it honor my relationship with my body, with earth? Is it beautiful or did I buy it because I just “had to have it”, on impulse?

Really make sure that you shift things around once in a while to let the energy move, specially if you are going through a transformational moment in your life.

Clean, organize, and respect the balance of your life and the home.

Falling into an obsession here can be easy, because often we are surrounded by stagnant energy outside of the home and then we use this drive to have everything perfectly organized as a way to exert control. Cleaning becomes your way to reclaim space, your way to feel clean.

If this control is something you feel attached to and afraid to release, the opposition will be healing for you, you will need to go into situations where you are confronted with dirt, chaos, and choose to surrender.

The test here is to understand if peace is coming from within you or it’s just an artificial construction you manufacture when you are in an environment you control to the last detail.

One last note on all of this:

This work takes time. At least 3 months of consistency. If you have a bad week, don’t feel discouraged and if you miss a couple of days don’t feel like a failure.

If you can keep going even when you have not achieved “perfection” it means you are ready for real work and real results. That’s the real test.

Most people give up when they have one slip up, because it will mean they have to accept themselves as humans. And they want to emulate the machines they are sold as productive human beings.

We are organic, and our bodies are not always in production and clearing mode. They go through cycles, because we are nature.

That’s all channeling really is to me, being in tune with the world beneath the world means being, means knowing of your connection with Spirit and Matter.

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