We inherited insanity. Now what?

When breathing is just a bug, not the feature, we accept losing that too and we take selfies to immortalize the moment.

When breathing is just a bug, not the feature, we accept losing that too and we take selfies to immortalize the moment.

I usually wake up at around 7 am. I am not a morning person, but lately I’ve been trying to be up at 5 am.

Mostly because I wake up at 7 am to the sound of construction work, machinery, cars and every kind of loud metallic noise a city can produce. And it’s slowly killing my ability to have a stress free day without a series of meditative exercises and a lot of breathing. So I need a couple of hours of silence before the insanity comes knocking at my door.

Some days ago I was watching a video by Derrick Jensen on Youtube and he was saying how he was asked if he meditated and he said something like “why would I need to meditate, I live near a stream, near water, near nature”. And as much as meditation can be incredibly powerful in nature I completely understand this. Our culture desperately needs meditation, given our absurd levels of disconnection, and yet who practices it and practices it correctly?

When you live near the undisturbed natural world, your whole body meditates. As it should be. I know, I felt it. And I can’t wait to return back to it.

This culture is insane, cities are mad houses. The noise starts at 7 am until 11 pm, later in many areas. I would say the noise never really ends. The noise suffocates us, destroys our ability to identify danger, to connect with the other, destroys the silence of Nature. I count the few moments during the day where I can actually hear a bird chirp. Song birds? I can’t remember the last time I heard one.

In cities you go to parks and zoos so you can be near the natural world and I wonder if people don’t realize they are caged too, as they glance at the other animals in their confined spaces. Probably not. They are at least free to enslave their brothers and sisters and call it conservation. Of course. We would always need conservation, when we destroy habitats to build industries to feed shopping malls.

As I write this I put my noise cancelling headphones back. I need those too. Because here’s the noise once again, together with the smell of metal and artificial living everywhere. I can’t cancel that. And I can’t cancel the lack of fresh energy. The cafes full of people. The fake food. The excessive consumption of everything. The hunger, never fulfilled.

Noise. So much noise.

Of course they can’t hear their hearts. They can’t hear their bodies saying no over and over, until it’s too late. They can’t hear because this whole culture is noise. And this culture is the city. The city is everything this way of life prioritizes. Greed, excess, material goods, artificial comfort, laziness. It is unconcerned how this is delivered to us, the damage it does to the communities around. What comes from this frenzied desire for more.

The sickness lives here, feeding and being fed.

The city is insanity, this way of life is a massive psychosis. Babylon. Now what?

We leave. We have to leave these places before they kill us and they kill everything we love.

Sofia Barbosa1 Comment