I'm still dreaming of tigers. How about you?

I try my best to not confuse people with energies.

A body is more than the flesh it carries and it’s also that flesh that is so desired and so perfect in everything it can achieve. Then there is the energy that animates it, a force that I cannot explain to those who can’t see it. You know it because you know electricity and radio and you use wifi and so one, but you can’t see. It animates the receiver. And it’s so easy therefore to see the receiver and forget what makes it come alive.

In some moments I fail to distinguish them and I no longer feel terrible about it, because the body and Spirit are naturally drawn to each other. The body is a sacred vessel, a place of reunion, a place that seeks to receive and Spirit is a natural giver, Spirit loves to offer, Spirit loves to love and the body is a perfect receiver.

So much that it can easily receive what harms it.

I love predatorial energy.

The real one, the one Nature perfected over billions of years. A really mastery, a real craft. Often people confuse this energy with the energy of greed and energy of what they have called capitalism. Destructive mindsets like that are not in fact predatorial, because predators live in agreement with their environment, not because they are good but because they would not survive otherwise. And there is nothing more destructive to the land base than believing in unlimited growth. This belief and this drive that cannot be satiated is killing us. It does not allow us to live in natural relationships. It destroys relationships and replaces them with opportunistic behavior. It uses the relationship to reach our hearts and once there it uses every fear we have against us.

They call us Alpha predators. Undisputed in our food chain. I too disagree with that. We are deluded because those that really feed on us cannot often be seen, cannot be fought with the weapons we use to kill others and the world around us. This energy that feeds on us is in fact what makes us leave our bodies and leave our relationship with Nature and instead use Nature as means, to establish us as dominant. It seeks to use our bodies because they are that powerful. We have forgotten this.

The predators know well of their power and the responsibility it carries. They will not dispense energy in useless pursuits but we have entered a spiral where we do just that. We are surrounded by artificial blocks, barriers that have been placed on purpose to make us forget that we are Nature. And so we waste ourselves chasing food that has no nourishment, physically and spiritually we are constantly in pursuit and we never feel it is enough.

This is done to traumatise us, to separate us from each other. To induce a psychosis, a nightmare that we will confuse with real life. it is not real life, it is a slow decaying. We become the primary meal of this energy, it feeds on us, almost as a parasite.

With this energy in the body they cannot be anything but desperate. Blind to Love. Blind to languages beyond words, languages of touch and of cooperation. They destroy, pollute, consume exponentially. They kill with no sense of the responsibility and intimacy of this act. I call them they because I do not want to continue identifying with something that is not what I am, but is instead a delusion.

Delusions need bodies to continue existing and because they need bodies they will continue claiming those who are not aware they have the right to say no.

Love does not need bodies, Love is - and this is both the triumph of Love and difficulty of Love. Love lives in everything organic, pulsing, breathing, flowing. Therefore it is never going to force itself on you. You just have to be ready and open, ready to release the artificial and open to being devoured by Nature.

Sometimes as I drift off to sleep I dream of tigers, outside of cages, unshackled. They come to me and they devour me whole. But other times I get to ride them and disappear into the wild.

In both of those moments there is a freedom that cannot be spoken of, only felt.

I dream of tigers so I can remember what I am, in days where the concrete walls of my home become distractions. I dream of tigers so I can remember the real predator living inside me, the desire to kill what is preventing my growth, the desire of a feeding that satiates, the desire to ward of energies that do not respect my body. The desire to know and keep real relationships. The desire to be a protector, a guardian of life.

I will continue dreaming of them until my body finishes this traveling on earth.

Will you?

Sofia BarbosaComment