Interview for Earth Mamma

Can you tell us about your work?

I once joked and said I’m a deep sea diver, but it’s accurate. I go to the dark places of the subconscious, where all the treasures are. Where everything buried and forgotten ends up.
I open a loving space for you, I see past the barriers you build. Everything I channel is what needs to be said and needs to be heard. I am a vessel that allows the pure Divine Feminine, in its most dark essence, to come forth and allow you to meet yourself.


Poem Featured @ Tiny Flames Press

“Still, I am no feminist. I am not spiritual.

I am not a villain or a hero. I am not an entrepreneur.

I am not even a woman, but I am also woman. I am Him too.

And He is me. I am here to witness the end of labels.

Maybe to hold of of the many knives that will end this era. “