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Living by the cycles of the Natural World. Remembering our roots.

Sofia is an intuitive energy worker, channel and perpetual Grandmother.

Since an early age she has been in contact with Spirit, remembering the knowing of Love as the energy that moves the Universe.

In her readings and sessions she acts as a guide to help you journey into your depths and pull out the hidden gems that you need to become acquainted with, always bringing you back to yourself, with compassion and discernment.

My work is about reconnection, using every part of your life as material to feed your growth, discarding what no longer serves you - but never wasting it. You return it back to Spirit, you make peace with it, to clean it, to use it as fertilizer to a new life.

I do this work so more can remember, more can reclaim, more can resist. Resist the calls for stagnation, for false comfort, for a standardized living.

I have not reached the perfect place and I am not a perfect guru. I can’t and won’t tell you how to live your life. I am someone that heard a calling when she was 11 and took 21 years to reconcile with that knowing and locate the path of the work that needed to be done. I am very human, and that for me means to be a bridge between Earth and the Cosmos. To receive from both Mother and Father, to see the beauty of the body we are, and the body we make together as communities.

To be human means to be a guardian of this planet, of this organic life.

To be human means to understand relationships, and to honor relationships with every living being.

Mostly I am interested in working, in being present, in being Loving, in being natural. And those are my commitments.
— Sofia barbosa

Featured Readings


Full Energy Reading with Oracle - NEW

My most treasured reading and the one that I have been doing for years is now offered only with an Oracle spread too, comprises of 9 to 11 pages of energy assessment, Shadow Work, Inner Child healing and understanding of your ancestral blockages/ support. This reading involves taking part in energy work.


Donation Based

If you would like to know my work, find an answer to a question or just re connect with a knowing you are having difficulties speaking of. This is a way to remember.

I accept any donations and will prepare your reading within a couple of days.

2019 mam ebook.jpg

2019 Energy Forecast Part I

Very detailed channeling for the months of March till May, including some of June as well and larger narratives played out for the whole year.




Interview for Earth Mamma

Can you tell us about your work?

I once joked and said I’m a deep sea diver, but it’s accurate. I go to the dark places of the subconscious, where all the treasures are. Where everything buried and forgotten ends up.
I open a loving space for you, I see past the barriers you build. Everything I channel is what needs to be said and needs to be heard. I am a vessel that allows the pure Divine Feminine, in its most dark essence, to come forth and allow you to meet yourself.


Poem Featured @ Tiny Flames Press

“Still, I am no feminist. I am not spiritual.

I am not a villain or a hero. I am not an entrepreneur.

I am not even a woman, but I am also woman. I am Him too.

And He is me. I am here to witness the end of labels.

Maybe to hold of of the many knives that will end this era. “


Articles on Medium

I publish an article every Monday and Thursday. Always around Love, Death and Radical Spirituality.

“You don’t move on from love. You release it. You let go.
You cannot stop feeling it, the only way to block this process is to commit violence against the heart, to torture it, to bind it, to smother it.
And isn’t it time to choose differently? To stop running”